Custom Marketing Reports

          Reports my way, your way, our way!  

Our custom Marketing Reports help management by providing the missing factors in their marketing efforts. For instance, a solar company looking to market their cleaning/repair services might request reports showing the number and location of Solar Voltaic system installations in specific cities. I normally provide the information in an Excel Chart format like this (“See Book1 – Solar Example“)

How about an HVAC company wanting to see what other HVAC companies are pulling permits for and what percentage of those permits are for new construction vs. remodel?

You can create your own marketing chart to keep a pulse on your trade and concentrate you marketing efforts accordingly.

If this type of information can be useful to your enterprise, let’s talk and see what we can put together for you on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly schedule.

“Knowledge is Power only if man knows what facts not to bother with.”   Robert Staughton Lynd