Construction Project Reporting Service

Construction Lead Sheets furnishes trades people and other prospectors with information regarding who is building what, where and when. I report Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects, including all custom, spec or tract homes. I also report land entitlements which eventually will be a site for homes or commercial buildings.
All is done in an easy-to-use format. I do not furnish engineering projects, city, county or state.

How I Do It

I follow all City Council, Planning Commission and various development review committee agendas and furnish the contact information to our subscribers. I also report projects that have been submitted to Plan Check, Planning Commission and when they are Permitted. It is our subscribers who make the contact to the particular project and obtain plans or whatever they need to furnish their product or service.

So, whether you are selling to the contractor, architect, homeowner or designer, using Construction Lead Sheets will give you the advantage you need to get the job. Call Today! (760) 360-1967

“How to use Construction Lead Sheets Video” Click here