About Us

I began Construction Lead Sheets in Coachella Valley after moving here from Cleveland Ohio in 1988. I provide subscribers such as Contractors, Interior Designers, Real Estate Brokers, Manufacturers and Companies interested in knowing what, where and when is being built in Coachella Valley with project and contact information as they go through the city and county planning & building departments.

I make the rounds to city halls. I do all my own research and have developed excellent relationships with people in all the cities in the valley. I report all projects valued at $20,000 or more that have to do with future construction. I report custom and tract homes during the entitlement, plan check and permitted stages. In addition I report commercial & industrial projects with the same criteria.

I provide the information on a Real Time Basis for Internet Subscriber’s on the CLS website. With the enormous amount of construction going on in the Valley, the CLS website is the first place subscribers look to be updated on the latest project information.

Mark Ross

CEO / President